TRAGIC is the word that represents the day for me.  Today, April 4, 2017 was the day my 2yr and 4 months relationship reached its end. He finally broke his silence and decided to end the relationship once and for all. Honestly, I don’t want this to end despite how it ended up. I still want to fight for us but I feel it’s no use to go to a battle for someone who had finally given  up on you. All the strength I still have for this commitment was like all drained out of my system leaving me nothing but to accept the challenge of moving on.
DO I STILL LOVE HIM? Yes! Very much and I find it hard to deal with the pain just by the thought of not being able to be with the person I love today, tomorrow and in the next days, months and years.
I hope I’ll find my peace of mind the soonest and would soon learn to cast my forgiveness for those who have caused my heartaches. This burden of cross forced to put on back to carry for as long as I dwell in the past.
How to unlove? How to move on? These I cannot wait to transpire and questions I desperately seek for answers. Perhaps only time will  tell. For now,  all I know  is that the way to healing is to get use of the pain until it’s no longer painful.

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