Tonight, I’m glad I was able to talk to you much longer now via messenger. Thank you for at least I get to have your little time. You said you’re a little depress and I asked “what’s wrong?”
A moment right there, I became relieved that somehow you opened up. You said you’re a little depress because you’re gonna miss college after your graduation ceremony this month. I was pleased because I get to share my pieces of advice again. I tried to share what I know, thinking that would help lessen your sadness but for you, it didn’t help at all.
I thought you will appreciate me now because I tried to help. Unfortunately, those aren’t  the exact words you want to hear. Or, maybe  I wasn’t the one you need who can give the words you want to hear. You said, we’re not on the same boat. That, I didn’t understand you at all.  You know what, that HURTS. It does, very much.
You used to appreciate me and my little ways trying to help out. But despite getting hurt again, instead of throwing unpleasant words for giving me the feeling of being less appreciated, I was the one who apologized,  I was just trying to help and how I wish you could have seen my willingness to help . I said I’m proud of all your achievements. It’s true.  But behind those kind words was a painful feeling I’m trying so hard to cover up. Tears I kept wiping out.
What did I get? You just seen zoned my message as if all my emotions I’ve put in it was  ignored. If this is your way to shoo me out of your life, through ignoring me, by making me feel less appreciated, unwanted then, that’s one uncourageous act of yours. Please, if you no longer need me, if you think you’ve fallen out of love, it’s okay you can say it. I promise you won’t hear anything from me, I will walk out if it’s my back turning on us is what you want to see from me. You won’t hear a word, not even my goodbye. Because it would only pains me to bid farewell to us.
Yes, I wasn’t ready yet to see the ending of this love story we’ve made, but if it’s your will, then go, end it. Because, if you’re just waiting for me to be the one to let go, you can’t expect that, you won’t get that for I’d rather be the one to play the role of the broken than the one who breaks. You still have my heart and I leave you the decision,

take it or break it.


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